Chambray — the new way to wear denim

By FIONA CONNOLLY COLUMNIST Denim looks good on everyone, but jeans can be boring sometimes. Stylists have brought a new way to wear denim into the fashion industry: chambray. Chambray is a lightweight cotton fabric that looks like denim but feels soft and comfortable. Chambray shirts can be worn in many different ways.

Don’t bust the bank to look fashionable

By FIONA CONNOLLY COLUMNIST In order to keep up with the latest fashions, you’re going to have to get a lot of new clothes. But that doesn’t mean you have to bust your bank account just to look stylish. There are many ways to keep your closet fresh, without having to spend a ton of money. The first thing to think about is where you get your clothes. Brand name or designer clothes don’t make you any more fashionable, they just make you a silly person.

Gradate your fashion colors with ombré

By FIONA CONNOLLY COLUMNIST Last week we discussed a new trend in mixing patterns. Well, this week is all about another pattern that will make your style “fade” from old to new — ombré! Ombré is the fading of one color to another. I could be a light to dark shade of the same color, of one color to a completely different color. Ombré is fun for all seasons and can be worn in an almost endless variety of mediums.

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Boots for any outfit

By FIONA CONNOLLY COLUMNIST There’s finally a bit of snow on the ground, so it’s time for your Fashion by Fiona Guide to Boots. In the winter months, nobody wants their toes frozen, so wearing boots is a comfortable but fashionable alternative to flats and sneakers. The first kind of boot that is in this season is the riding boot. In black and all shades of brown, riding boots can pull an outfit together. Try wearing brown riding boots with black leggings, a chambray

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Give yourself a wintry look, Taylor Swift style

By FIONA CONNOLLY COLUMNIST There’s something very festive about Taylor Swift’s classic look. Her hair, cat-eye makeup, and of course, her signature red lipstick, just seem to give a wintry touch to any outfit. So why not try out her look over the holidays? It’s actually quite simple. Here’s how: