Staff — 2015-2016

 Ethan Amstutz
Ethan AmstutzHi, I’m Ethan Amstutz. I am a freshman at Perrysburg High School. I love reading books. I play lacrosse for the high school. I like going to Perrysburg football games. So far, I’m having a good time. I like berries and jazz like that. Welcome to eSomethin, make yourself welcome and stay for a while. We like to have fun here.

Marissa Amstutz
 Marissa Amstutz
My name is Marissa and I am currently a senior at Perrysburg High School. I enjoy taking pictures at the football games and baking. I am currently enrolled in the Teaching Professions program and plan on being an English teacher. My plans after graduation include Lollapalooza, spending time with friends, and going to BGSU in the fall. I am excited to be a senior.

Rachael Brandel
 Rachael Brandel
Hey, I’m Rachael Brandel, aka, baby Brandel. I’m a senior at Perrysburg High School. I like storing pizza in my purse, screaming songs at people’s faces, and wearing my radical-red vans. One thing I wish I could change in the world is the feeling of cotton balls because the are little spawns of Satan that get caught on your fingernails and make you want to throw a couch out the window.

Bailee Brown
 Bailee Brown
My name is Bailee Brown and I’m a junior. I’ve been in Cellar since my freshmen year and have loved every minute. Also I’m on the eSomethin staff, and write articles. I watch lots of TV and movies as well as play video games, so that’s my favorite thing to write about. The Internet is a huge part of my life and consumes most of my time.

Callie Broderick Callie Broderick
My name is Callie Broderick and I am a strong fitness advocate. I am a weightlifter and I recently became a powerlifter.  My goal on eSomethin is to share awesome pictures that show people how amazing Perrysburg is, and to promote a healthy lifestyle!

Maggie Davis
Maggie DavisHey there, everybody! My name is Maggie Davis and I am a sophomore at PHS. This is my first year in The Cellar. When I graduate, it’s my goal to become an animator, and I hope to snag a position at the Rooster Teeth or Disney animation departments. I’m currently working with my friends to create a webcomic called Wicken. We’re still way in the planning stage, but I hope to start drawing it soon so everyone can meet our characters! I also really like music, so some of my favorite bands are The Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox 20, Panic! at the Disco, and many more. I also enjoy watching shows like RWBY, Marvel films, and YouTube let’s plays. Somethin’ I’m really excited to start learning about this year is how to make some great videos, and working with the rest of the staff.

Chelsea Fisher Chelsea Fisher
My name is Chelsea Fisher. I’m a freshman. I like watching crime shows, baking, and eating what I bake. I’m part of PASA, a group against substance abuse,­­ and I am running for freshman student council. After high school, I either want to be a cop or a teacher. I love animals and I have two dogs.



 Nick Gnepper
My name is Nick Gnepper and I’m a senior here at Perrysburg High School. This is my final year in Cellar after three years, and I now have to move on from high school career. I spend most my time on Netflix and working at Wendy’s. I’m always up to something, regardless of what’s going on. I’m looking forward to an awesome senior year.


Anthony Grigsby
Anthony GrigsbyHello, I’m Anthony Grigsby. I typically indulge in activities centered around video editing, photography, videography, and Windows application-based programming. I plan on developing an invested interest and career in computer sciences and Psychology. I thoroughly enjoy critical thinking and criticism, and playing games relying on improvised and preconceived thought and action. For example, Hearthstone and Chess. I also participated in Boy Scouts for at least three years of my life, so I also have an impressive knowledge of knots and harbor knowledge concerning what may or may not be poison ivy. I fully expect to improve upon my current skills in media production, in order to open up diverse and numerous opportunities for commissions, internships, and actual jobs leading up to my (theoretical) enrollment in college and the eventual achievement of a doctorate in Psychology (among other things).

Olivia Henthorn

Olivia Henthorn
My name is Olivia, and I am a senior here at PHS. In my free time I love to bake from scratch and practice photography. I also love to write and I plan to become an English teacher. Hopefully I’ll be attending the University of Cincinnati next fall. You can always catch me cracking jokes with my friends, yet appearing shy in the halls. Something else you should know about me is that I love makeup and I am an aspiring makeup artist. I am excited for senior year and making the most of it!

Maryann Jajou

Maryann Jajou
My name is Maryann Jajou. I’m a junior at Perrysburg High School. I love to write stories in my free time. I also run multiple blogs dedicated to what I write. I also like hanging out with my friends, watching TV, listen to music, traveling, and photography. I want to major in creative writing in the future.

Noah Keel
Noah KeelHey! I’m Noah, a sophomore. I’m a pretty boring person, so don’t expect much from this bio. Read my work on eSomethin instead! I enjoy anything involving computers and technology. My favorite movie is Back To The Future Part 2. My favorite TV show as of right now is Doctor Who. I also enjoy live streaming video games on a website called If I could change one thing in the world I would probably change something less noble than diseases, maybe free good strength wifi for all.

Michael Luce

Michael Luce
Heyyo, Michael Luce here. Unlike the other seniors, this is my first year on eSomethin. I enjoy writing music, playing music, learning music, finding new music, blasting music, critiquing music, editing music, remixing music, producing music… I run cross country and am involved with drama on stage and behind the scenes. I am in band and choir too. Fire is cool, and so are cubic watermelons. I like comics n’ such.

Zach Moser Zach Moser
Hey, I’m Zach, I am a sophomore here at Perrysburg and this is my first year in the Cellar. I’m into many things, like sleeping for half of the day. If I could change just one thing in this world we live in it would be that we see all as equals and not discriminate anybody for who they were meant to be. If I had to come up with a future plan I would probably go into something having to do with chemistry, but for now i’m just living life. In the end, I’m an outgoing guy, and that’s about all you need to know about me without getting stalkerish.

Ashlin Smart

Ashlin Smart
Hi there! My name is Ashlin Smart and I am (finally) a senior. This is my fourth and final year in the Cellar, and my second year writing for eSomethin. After graduation I plan to study to become either a child psychologist or a high school English teacher. I really like my dog and hanging out with my friends when I’m not working at Plato’s Closet. I’m really looking forward to making more videos and making my senior year the best.

Sean Wyrembelski
Sean WyrembelskiHi! I’m Sean Wyrembelski. I am currently a freshman at Perrysburg High School. This is my first year in The Cellar. I love to play the drums and I am a member of the PHS Marching Band. Somethin’ I plan on being when I graduate is an audio engineer and hopefully someday play as a drummer in a band. I look forward to making videos and music and other things for The Cellar in the near future. advisers

Tim Kitson

Tim Kitson, 28, is an English teacher at Perrysburg High School and the adviser for  He is a Michigan native and a graduate of Michigan State University.  He enjoys helping students produce digital media and discover the creative process.  “Working with eSomethin is a unique challenge,” said Mr. Kitson, “because I don’t have formal training in journalism.  We know how important the school paper is to alumni and the community.  We want it to grow.”  Mr. Kitson greatly appreciates the opportunity to work with staff at The Blade.  He wants readers to know “this is going to be somethin’ special.”  You can reach Tim via email at

Matt Thompson

Matt Thompson, 25, is a reporter for The Blade  and an adviser.  In December of 2012, he graduated from Central Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. After graduating he started as a night editor at The Daily Reporter in Coldwater, Mich. before coming to The Blade. With a sports background, Matt is looking to work with a young sports reporter at Perrysburg High School to take over’s sports coverage. You can reach Matt via email at

Joy Wagener

Joy Wagener, 31, is an English teacher at Perrysburg High School and co-adviser for  She is a graduate of Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Language Arts and George Mason University with a Masters of Arts in English.  She advised a nationally recognized online high school newspaper in Virginia and now offers her journalism education background to the eSomethin.  “It’s so gratifying to participate in Perrysburg High School’s student newspaper and help students develop their reporting and writing skills,” she said. “Student expression is so essential to a healthy school community and it allows students to begin dialogues on important topics.