What to eat for lunch: No longer a choice


 COMMENTARY By ALANA MARSH STAFF COLUMNIST  Many students at Perrysburg High School have come to notice changes in the school lunches over the years. It began gradually with a switch in the kinds of cookies and a reduction in the days french fries were served. Then, as the 2012-13 school year began students came to realize that perhaps lunches would never be the same again. “There is a big push to make sure school meals across the country are offering

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Students speak out about Perrysburg High’s lunch menu


  By HANYA EL-SHAMY and ABBI COIL STAFF WRITERS When it was decided by the eSomethin.com staff that we wanted more student voices in our coverage of new school lunches we turned to Mrs. Brownfield’s English 112 class. We had a discussion about the food that was offered at Perrysburg High School for lunch and the opinions varied wildly:

No soup for you!


 Federal school-lunch rules are hard for some to swallow By JOSHUA  M. VALERA STAFF WRITER Students in Perrysburg High School are not happy to see that their most prized time of the day – lunch – has been changed, and not for the better, they say. They have noticed this school year that many items they loved in the lunch line have vanished. Missing from the cafeteria are the cookies and ice cream, and the pizza/Bosco Sticks are now whole wheat, but

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‘Win the Day’, leadership key to winning football season


 By HANNAH WEIKER STAFF WRITER  In August, while most high school students were lying by the pool or sleeping in the Perrysburg High School’s football team was hard at work. The motto for the year — Win The Day — was laid before them. These three simple words have much meaning behind them. “We were taught at the beginning of the year to focus on what is right in front of us,” said senior wide receiver Jimmy Reddick. “Leaving each day

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Fall is the season for scarves


  Summer is over and it’s time to break into your fall wardrobe. Aren’t you a little tired of tank tops, flouncy skirts, or dresses? It’s way too cold for those now, and don’t you want a way to spice up those dull outfits of jeans, t-shirts, and sweaters? The answer is easy: scarves.