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Get to Bed!

kfranck/ January 28, 2016/ News, Topics of interest

Erika Joldrichsen conducted a PHS survey to determine the truth about gender and teen sleeping habits. Do high school males get more sleep than high school females, or vice versa? Check out her findings.

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The key to success might be in your fingers

kfranck/ January 27, 2016/ News, Topics of interest

Darcy Cavanagh and Jack Xiao conducted a study to see if the length of one’s ring finger, compared to their index finger, had any association with a student’s favorite class. Check out their findings in the second installment of Topics of Interest.

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No superpowers for fast food

kfranck/ January 26, 2016/ News, Topics of interest

PHS students in a statistics class were asked to study topics of interest and make their own statistical analyses. eSomethin is running articles 10 students wrote about their findings. The first survey, Dominic Pantorno concludes preference in superheroes has no link to eating out.

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