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Meet the Golfers!

DrakeHarlett/ October 18, 2018/ Drake harlett, Sports

Meet the boys golf team, many of whom are playing in state competition this weekend.

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Jackets Football Stumble in Saint John’s Game

LucasFiscus/ September 6, 2018/ Lucas Fiscus, Sports

Yellow Jacket Football suffered a second loss to St. Johns this past Friday. Lucas Fiscus offers specific analysis and talks to a player who wants his teammates to “step up” even if they’re hurt.

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How One Tackle Changed A Whole Season

AnnaKoeppl/ September 5, 2018/ Anna Koeppl, Sports

Senior football player Griffin Pendry suffered a fractured femur that many initially thought was a dislocated knee. Pendry got the right diagnosis thanks to the work of athletic trainer Garrett Walker.

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