Wrap-up: Winter Sports 2019

KennedyRowley/ March 21, 2019

Enjoy the Winter Sports Wrap-up, a summary of PHS Winter Sports this season

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Wrestling Wins NLL Champs

AndrewWendler/ February 28, 2019

The wrestling proudly reclaimed the Northern Lakes League title this season.

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Bowling wins NLL’s

DrakeHarlett/ February 8, 2019

The boys bowling team earned a major accomplishment in their recent tournament.

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Perrysburg Rugby “Rucking” To State Championships (Yep, Plural)

AveryCook/ November 13, 2018

Senior Kristy Herhold, captain of the girls A-side team, reflects back to winning the championship game against Amherst girls: “I wanted to cry. Seeing the team move together from the beginning only makes me more excited for 15s to start and see how far we go.”

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