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Frogtown Regatta Goes on Despite Algae

RileyPierce/ September 29, 2017/ News, Riley Pierce

On September 21st, when the Lucas County Health Department issued a recreational public health advisory for the Maumee River, rowers were concerned. Though the water is still safe to drink, the department advises that, “If you have been in contact with water associated with the algal bloom, rinse your skin immediately.” Teams knew that the Frogtown Regatta was at risk.

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The Family of Theatre

RileyPierce/ September 8, 2017/ Jacob Prokup, News, Riley Pierce

“[Theatre] teaches you you how to work well with a team, helps build your social skills, and make friends and memories that last a lifetime,” explains sophomore Noah Bunting.

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Pokémon making a comeback

RileyPierce/ February 26, 2017/ Arts and Entertainment, News, Riley Pierce

Before Pokémon Go was released there was little or no interest in Pokémon according to Google Trends. Since the game’s release this past June people’s interest in Pokémon has spiked.

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Investigative Report: Rising School Lunch Costs

RileyPierce/ October 6, 2016/ Features, News, Riley Pierce

“Though some people think that $3.00 for a school lunch is expensive, think what the price of a lunch covers for the school lunch program. The school lunch program gets no money from our school fees or from our school district taxes.”

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