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Editorial: What is Feminism?

ChelseaFisher/ December 11, 2017/ Chelsea Fisher, Opinion

The actual definition of feminism is one of equality. That no matter what your gender, sexuality, identity, race, religion, class, or handicap is that you are no better and no worse than another human being- that the only thing that can define you is yourself. 

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Students, Others Respond to Looming Bookbag Changes

ChelseaFisher/ September 5, 2017/ Opinion

“I don’t think banning book bags is a good idea because I don’t know my locker combination and there is only five minutes between class,” said sophomore Haley Noel.

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LGBTQA at school and in media

Matt Thompson/ April 14, 2016/ Maggie Davis, Opinion

Perrysburg High School’s new Gay-Straight Alliance is opening up opportunities for representation at school. What is LGBT’s representation in TV shows?

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