Freshman Year in Review Podcast

LucasFiscus/ March 13, 2019

Freshmans students on the eSomethin staff host a podcast where they discuss their experiences this year and offer advice to incoming students

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Wrestling Wins NLL Champs

AndrewWendler/ February 28, 2019

The wrestling proudly reclaimed the Northern Lakes League title this season.

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Sociology Speaks Some Sense!

LucasFiscus/ December 3, 2018

Debates in Sociology lead to bold statements and student dialogue.

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Jackets Football Stumble in Saint John’s Game

LucasFiscus/ September 6, 2018

Yellow Jacket Football suffered a second loss to St. Johns this past Friday. Lucas Fiscus offers specific analysis and talks to a player who wants his teammates to “step up” even if they’re hurt.

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