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Perrysburg Mock Trial Teams Compete at District Competition

JillianCraig/ February 5, 2018/ Jillian Craig, News

Jillian Craig eSomethin Staff On January 26, 2018, three Perrysburg High School mock trial teams competed at the district mock trial competition at the Wood County Clerk of Courts courthouse in Bowling Green, Ohio. Students that have participated in mock trial throughout this school year had to argue a mock civil case about a motion for a new trial. According to the case materials sent to the club from the Ohio Center for Law-Related Education, the defendant, Adam Smith, is looking to overturn a murder conviction set by the court back in 1999. The materials further explain that Smith was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Hayley Leigh. The issue comes down to his original trial in which Smith’s sixth amendment right to a competent legal advisor. Both sides agree that the original attorney provided insufficient legal counseling, but the defense must prove that their performance was so egregious that it prejudiced Smith. Meanwhile, the prosecution must prove that despite having an incompetent attorney, the evidence against Smith outweighs his attorney’s performance. Through exhibits, expert testimony, and eyewitness testimony, students from each side have the opportunity to do so.  At the end of the competition, Abdur Khan, Emma Viles, Evan Leong, and Chloe Wegener all were awarded outstand attorney for their individual trials. In addition to this, Mia Wegener,

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