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Inspired by the brilliant photographer, blogger and author, Brandon Stanton, from his collection “Humans of New York.” We have decided to take our own role and create Humans of Perrysburg! Meet the people around your town and see some new faces! Here you can see the unique people that walk the streets of our own great town Perrysburg.

Henry Magoun

JacobProkup/ September 29, 2017/ Humans of Perrysburg, Jacob Prokup

Henry does an average of 20 push-ups in a single school day, which means in a month Henry has completed roughly 620 push-ups.

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Tim Kitson/ September 16, 2016/ Humans of Perrysburg

“I regret a lot of wasted time that I could’ve spent doing something worthwhile, besides watching television or daydreaming.”

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Melena Purvis

Tim Kitson/ September 15, 2016/ Humans of Perrysburg

“I guess just like respect for myself and knowing that I have needs, cause I’m a people pleaser, so I guess like putting myself first and putting my needs before others.”

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Mariah Chambers

LeahCote/ September 13, 2016/ Humans of Perrysburg

“ I wanna look back and be happy that I went to college and accomplished what I wanted to do.”

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