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What Is ASMR?

MontanaMorgan/ March 19, 2018/ Editorial, Montana Morgan

Montana Morgan explores the basics of ASMR — a Youtube trend involving personalities making simple sounds meant to sooth viewers.

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Staff Editorial: Net Neutrality and Why It’s Important

ZachIsaacson/ December 18, 2017/ Editorial

The Editorial Board, which consists of the editors of eSomethin, determines the content of the website, and all unsigned editorials.  When an unsigned editorial is published, it signals that the staff of eSomethin shares a unified opinion.

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Editorial: Speak for “Speak”

DaynaFuller/ December 12, 2017/ Dayna Fuller, Editorial

Isabel Palmer, is one of the only freshmen who elaborated her answer, said “Speak relates to people in more ways. We do not want to be learning about things that aren’t even happening in my life. I want to read about things that will make me more aware so I understand things that would happen”.

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