“Not a small issue”

DaynaFuller/ March 10, 2018

Dayna Fuller wonders about zoos if the tables were turned…

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10 Helpful Tips to Prepare for Exams

EmilySwick/ December 6, 2017

With exam week quickly approaching, here is a 10 step guide on how to prepare for your upcoming exams.

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Editorial: Speak for “Speak”

DaynaFuller/ December 12, 2017

Isabel Palmer, is one of the only freshmen who elaborated her answer, said “Speak relates to people in more ways. We do not want to be learning about things that aren’t even happening in my life. I want to read about things that will make me more aware so I understand things that would happen”.

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Opinion: Views Differ on What School Offers

DaynaFuller/ October 9, 2017

Dayna Fuller eSomethin Staff A school day can fluctuate from boring to exciting. A teacher also has a very different view from a student. But have you ever noticed how people walk away from school with more than just knowledge? If not, pay more attention to this. Matthew Horen, a social studies teacher, laughed and then exclaimed that “A school day is never boring, it’s busy never the same from day to day and filled with many opportunities to help people reach their full potential.” So, to Horen, there is no way, to summarize every day because each one is different. Kids around Perrysburg High School spend much of their time on their phones in and out of class. Most of our views on being here at Perrysburg High School is that we are here because we have to be. For example, Hayden Madden, a sophomore, sums his school day up in three brief words: “quality nap time.” Madden views school, as you can infer, as boring. A school is a place where many people find the need to complain where as long as they are in the building it is hard to find their happy place, for the reason that they are flooded with work a lot of the time. However, the students attend to be very social to…

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The Band Bug Out

DaynaFuller/ September 8, 2017

Many of you may or may not know that there was a bug infestation in the marching band storage cabinet. However, this is not the first time it has happened.

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