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Avengers: Infinity War Preview

AllysonParks/ April 27, 2018/ Ally Parks, Arts and Entertainment

Infinity War is the 3rd Avengers film and everyone is talking about it.  As of April 25th, 2018, Rotten Tomatoes has scored Infinity War on average a 7.7/10 while on IMDb, it’s a 9.3/10, and it’s not even out yet! 

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Cross Country Weekend Hero

AllysonParks/ September 12, 2017/ Ally Parks, News

“People have been asking me what I thought in that moment and I haven’t had an answer. It’s because I didn’t think. I simply did what was natural. I grabbed the other arm of the runner and together, the three of us made it to the finish line.”

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The Band Bug Out

DaynaFuller/ September 8, 2017/ Ally Parks, Dayna Fuller, Emily Swick, News

Many of you may or may not know that there was a bug infestation in the marching band storage cabinet. However, this is not the first time it has happened.

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