is your digital newspaper is Perrysburg High School’s digital student newspaper with high hopes for the future, but also not forgetting its roots — The Somethin’, that venerable broadsheet newspaper published by Perrysburg High students since 1922.

Because of waning interest of students to publish and read a newspaper when they now communicate via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites through their cell phones, The Somethin’ ceased publication in May, 2012.

Sponsored by The Blade, is being produced under the guidance of Perrysburg High School teachers Tim Kitson and assistance from fellow teacher Joy Wagener

Michael Short, principal of Perrysburg High School, said it was a sad day when The Somethin’ ceased publication, but the birth of will be more relevant to students because they now live in a digital world.

“Journalism is changing so fast and the biggest benefit of for Perrysburg students is the real-world application they’ll be involved with,” Dr. Short said before eSomethin’s launch in September 2012. “This will allow them to practice what could be a career for them. I’m very excited about The Blade’s partnership and what it will mean for our students.”

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