Humans of Perrysburg: Sophia Helton

Humans of Perrysburg: Sophia Helton

Anna Miller
eSomethin Staff

Junior and Perrysburg High School yearbook member Sophia Helton has shown her passion for photography and school spirit by starting media days for winter sport teams. 

Helton isn’t new to photography and grew up around a camera. Over the summer, Joy Wagener (advisor of the yearbook), brought up the idea of making Helton the sports editor. Helton’s interest in sports, combined with photography, kickstarted the idea of media days. 

“I always love seeing the college media days for all different sports. I always thought it’d be super fun to try one for high school sports, and so I did!” Helton said.

And she did just that. As of the start of December, she has photographed some members of the varsity gymnastics team, and the wrestling team. Using fog machines, props, LED lights, and strobe lights she has curated “hype” pictures that athletes can post on their social media, and most importantly will be seen in the yearbook. 

Doing this has helped Helton expand her photography knowledge and “bring fun to photo shoots with school athletes and shed some light on every athlete on each team.” 

Helton hopes that her idea will add to school spirit and bring awareness to lesser known sports. She said “it gives each sports team some social media attention and gets the students hype for the season.”

In addition to photographing the winter teams, she looks forward to scheduling media days for spring sports. 

While Helton doesn’t want to pursue a full career in photography, she hopes to photograph a college sports team in action during a game. 

Be on the lookout for these artistic snapshots around school and online! 

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