PHS students can now bring guests to this year’s homecoming

PHS students can now bring guests to this year’s homecoming

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Perrysburg students are now permitted to attend homecoming with dates from other schools. 

Originally, it was decided that students would not be allowed to bring dates from other schools due to COVID-19, but it was announced on September 13, 2021, that PHS students can bring guests outside of Perrysburg to homecoming.

Student Council Advisor Kevin English said administration changed the rule because it helped them “open things up to be more consistent with how we handle football games and other events.”

Students already were able to attend events such as football games without masks, and this fact did impact the decision to open up Homecoming.

“If people can be together with other people in large groups [like college, high school and professional sports games], then why can’t they be at the Homecoming dance?” English said.

And so, a change was made.

While some may not be affected by this change, many students have a positive attitude about it and think that guests will make this year’s homecoming a blast.

Many students told eSomethin the change is perceived positively.

Because many students have partners and friends from different schools, a good portion of the student body had been upset about not being able to bring a guest to homecoming. Some students even reported that they were not planning to attend homecoming until the new guest policy was announced.

“I went to a different school, so all my friends go to another school. I was gonna invite them,” Elizabeth Desser, a Perrysburg sophomore, said. Now, Desser can.

Though many students seemed excited about the change, some were frustrated by the lateness of the announcement.

PHS senior Lily Lehmann said, “it’s tough that they waited until the week of [homecoming] to announce you can have guests.” The late-breaking announcement came so close to homecoming it has been vexing the plans of some students, despite the generally positive reaction. 

Nonetheless, PHS students will be getting a Homecoming dance, even during the era of COVID-19. The dance is Saturday, September 18, 2021,  from 8-10 p.m. and will be held in the parking lot next to Huskisson Athletic Center at Steinecker Stadium. 

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