Perrysburg students are dressing up for Spirit Week

Perrysburg students are dressing up for Spirit Week

Lauren Gorcz and Kennedy Rowley
eSomethin Staff

Every year, Perrysburg High School has a spirit week. This is usually meant to hype up the students with infectious energy for homecoming and the homecoming game. Students and staff still participated in spirit days this year even though the homecoming dance was canceled due to concerns about COVID-19.

The first spirit day was decade themed. Day two was generation day, and the final day was school spirit day.

Decade Day
On Thursday/Friday, Sept 24 and 25, the halls of Perrysburg schools were filled with people dressed from different decades. Even teachers and staff joined in.

Some of the more popular decades students chose to sport were the ’70s and the ’80s.

Generation Day
The following Tuesday and Wednesday, students dressed up by grade-level assignment. Freshmen dressed as babies, sophomores dressed like parents, juniors dressed as elderly people. Seniors were gods and goddesses wearing togas.

Spirit Day
The final day was spirit day and most everyone was dressed up representing their school in black and gold. Participation was highest on these days. Each person a different route in showing their spirit, whether it was uniform or varsity jacket — all were showing pride.

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