Valentine’s Day is for the single ladies

Valentine’s Day is for the single ladies

Gabrielle Lemerand and Neela Azizi
eSomethin Staff

Are you a single lady who will be alone on Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, we got you. Here are four different activities to spice up your Valentine’s Day:

#1) The Classic: This activity includes romance movies and lots of chocolate. All you need to do is get cozy in bed and watch movies like… To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, The Kissing Booth, Five Feet Apart, The Notebook, Tall Girl, The Fault In Our Stars, 500 Days Of Summer, Love, Simon, and the iconic Mean Girls. 

#2) The Foodie: Another thing you need to binge is food. Forget that diet — you are a strong, independent woman who can forget trying to impress a boy. Chocolate chips, pizza, cookies, ice cream — any of these delicious choices will do. Remember, girly, you are beautiful no matter what.

#3) The Spa Day: Take a warm bath with bath bombs and scrubs. Paint your nails and put on face and hair mask makes for a nice relaxing time with no worries in the world. You deserve to relax and enjoy your night. Think about this: being date free means you can avoid heat-damaged hair and breakouts from makeup. Win-win. There are plenty of sites online with directions on how to make a great bath bomb in minutes.

#4: The DIY Queen: There are so many fun crafts you can make to have the perfect DIY party with your other lonely friends to celebrate an Anti-Valentines Day. These include not so sweet cookies, a heartbroken pinata, and witty invitations. To make these Anti-Valentines day cookies, follow this recipe and decorate the cookies with single-lady style.

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