8 impacts Kobe had on the world

8 impacts Kobe had on the world

On Sunday, word traveled around the world that Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi were killed in a helicopter crash in California. Here are 8 impacts that Kobe Bryant had on the world before his death.

When you shoot a paper ball in a trash can, what do you say? “Kobe.”

1. Kobe Bryant is arguably one of the best basketball players to ever live. With five national championship rings, two finals MVP distinctions, four regular-season MVP honors, and status as a two-time scoring champ, Kobe’s death leaves a real legacy.

2. Bryant has impacted the lives of many people including other NBA stars. In the wake of this death, NBA teams have been taking 8-second violations and 24-second violations to honor Bryant. The time durations are significant because Bryant wore the numbers 24 and 8 during his career. The Detroit Pistons wore 24 Bryant jerseys during warm-ups.

3. On Sunday outside of Staples Center, Bryant’s fans gathered around the arena as a tribute to the late player.

4. Bryant wrote a letter “Dear Basketball” which later became a short film that won an Oscar.

5. In downtown Toledo, there is a billboard that reads “Legend 1978-2020”.

6. In Valenzuela, Philippines they painted a giant mural of Bryant and late daughter Gigi who also died in the helicopter crash that killed Bryant.

7. Kobe Bryant opened the Mamba Sports Academy for athletes for all different sports.

8. Kobe Bryant was often seen enjoying UConn basketball games with his daughter Gigi. Many fans saw this as a sign of Bryant’s commitment to being a good father.

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