America’s ‘most reliable’ network is not so reliable at PHS

America’s ‘most reliable’ network is not so reliable at PHS

Ainsley Sutter
eSomethin Staff

Perrysburg High School students whose phone service is through Verizon Wireless have been complaining about the lack of service in the building. The issue started earlier this week when Verizon phones lost LTE services, and were down to 3G, 1X, or no service at all.

Of course the problem is beyond the halls of PHS and throughout the country.  

Map of Verizon’s coverage issue as of November 20 at 12pm.
(Image from

Notably, the widespread issue is only a concern to a small portion of the Toledo region, most specifically just a minor portion of Perrysburg. 

Coverage issues in Toledo area close to Perrysburg High School
(Image from

Verizon recently released new 5G service in large cities such as Boston, Huston, and Sioux Falls. There is no evidence for or against this being the direct correlation to the lack of service for users.

eSomethin has not yet seen comment from Verizon on the matter.

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