Jackets flying high after Findlay game victory

Jackets flying high after Findlay game victory

Lucas Fiscus
eSomethin Staff

Jacket Defense lines up against Trojans
Jacket Defense lines up against the Trojans’ offense. Photographer: Shane Fite

As the final score was read by the announcer, a new ray of hope ignited in the hearts of Perrysburg High School students. This Friday’s game victory against the Findlay Trojans marked the return of the strong and healthy Jacket team fans knew from years past.

Lady Jacket "Jackie" excites the crowd.
Jacky the Jacket brings joy and excitement to the crowd, Friday.
Photographer Credit:Clara Burkin

The Perrysburg Yellow Jackets played the Findlay Trojans at home in Steinecker Stadium.

The Yellow Jacket victory against Findlay may forecast more good fortune to come. Though Findlay lost their first game of the season, they were able to hold a seven-point lead over a tough Anthony Wayne team, only losing when the Generals pulled out two touchdowns in the 4th quarter. Last year, Anthony Wayne beat Perrysburg 42-0.

Tackling in football.
Football tackle between Perrysburg and Findlay. 9/6/19 Photographer: Clara Burkin

In a 42-16 victory over the Trojans this week, the Yellow Jackets were able to soar to victory. This game showcased the Jackets’ extreme determination and grit and should give hope to Jacket fans still weary from last season.

Senior football player Drew Sims summarized Friday’s win stating, “I think the game went really good, you know? We started off strong and then we hit that little rough patch in the middle, and [Findlay] cut it to five points. But then we scored 21 unanswered points and got our rhythm back.”

Jackets Rushing The Trojans
Junior wide receiver Aidan Pratt carries the ball downfield. Photographer: Shane Fite

Considering the offensive and defensive line, senior tackle Connor Muck said, “There were some rough spots,[…] it was our first game of starters playing the full four quarters. We really stepped up though and kicked some butt.”

Though the game was a victory, the Jackets sustained a heavy loss in the injury of defensive tackle Ryan Musgrove. He sustained an injury resulting in his removal from the game.

The Jackets are now 2-0, the best opening varsity record since the 2016 season. Despite setbacks addressed by Drew Sims and Connor Muck, and the significant injury of Ryan Musgrove, opportunities are looking bright for the Perrysburg Yellow Jackets.

This coming Friday, the Jackets travel to Whitmer High School to play the Panthers at 7:00 p.m. Don’t miss a chance to support the Yellow Jackets. #BeeThere.

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