Fowl and Fodder’s newest concept and location

Fowl and Fodder’s newest concept and location

Ainsley Sutter
eSomethin Staff

Downtown Toledo has no shortage of unique and local restaurants that tend to occupy the downtown streets, and only the downtown streets. But periodically restaurants sometimes open up second, third or even fourth locations outside of the city. Perrysburg is about to receive a new Toledo-born restaurant from the same designers as Fowl and Fodder. The location will be next to Balance Pan Asian Grille.

The now-vacant slot next to Balance is soon to be occupied by a new Fowl and Fodder inspired restaurant – which currently has two locations in Toledo, one downtown and one on Central Ave. The original restaurant features a “scratch-made menu and a fresh juice bar” according to their website The restaurant also features other local favorites, such as Maddie and Bella’s cold brew coffee and Boochy Mama’s non-alcoholic Kombucha. The sister restaurant, Fowl and Fodder, uses many organic and locally grown sources for their ingredients. The list of their supply farms can be found on their website. 

Fowl and Fodder features a breakfast menu – Wakey Wakey – all day along other various savory menu items. Specialty beverages are also featured, one of which being a “Dirty Lemonade, made with Lemonade, Turmeric, Agave, and Activated Charcoal.” The charcoal doesn’t affect the taste or texture but gives the beverage a black color, which makes it a key candidate for social media – if your phone tends to eat first. It’s likely the Perrysburg restaurant will have its own unique drinks when it opens September.

After a brief email conversation with Fowl and Fodder they stated that “the concept is not actually Fowl and Fodder, but a new concept. It’s definitely going to be different than any other restaurant in town.”

Now what they mean by “not actually Fowl and Fodder”, is still unknown, along with how many aspects of the original restaurant will be in the new concept, but regardless expect nothing less than greatness from the Toledo founded restaurant. The exact date and how it will be unlike other restaurants in Perrysburg seems to be being kept under wraps for the time being. In the meantime if Fowl and Fodder sounds intriguing check them out at either their downtown Toledo location (614 Adams St.) or their Sylvania location (7408 Central Ave.)!

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