“It’s not gonna be like the last two years” The Jacket football pre-season

“It’s not gonna be like the last two years” The Jacket football pre-season

Lucas Fiscus
eSomethin Staff

Indoor Practice Handoff Photographer: Lucas Fiscus

Last year, the varsity football Yellow Jackets fell victim to several injuries and an overall lackluster season, ending in a sad 4-6 season record. This year, however, change is in the air as the Jackets push themselves to be better than before and prove the naysayers wrong.

Working in rain or shine to enhance their skills and mental toughness, the Jackets spent the long summer grinding on the field, in the weight room, and in locker room, studying film, all leading up to two scrimmages in the pre-season. 

Head coach Matt Kregel reflected on the lead-up to the season, saying, “Honestly, we haven’t done a lot different. In the strength program, we’ve worked a little bit at some things — we had injuries such as ankles, where we’ve done a little more work on ankles and that kinda thing. We’ve stayed healthy.”

In their latest scrimmage, the Jackets faced Saint Johns. Under the smoke of the burning AutoZone sign, the varsity Jackets scraped out a victory.

Coach Kregel said of the match-up, “I think we did really well, there were little things we had to do better: we fumbled a few times, and turned the ball over, and that has to change. But, as far as our overall execution, I think we’re right where we need to be.”

Preventing injuries is going to be a key factor this season since last season it was a major problem for the Jackets.

“I feel really good. There’s a good vibe to these guys. The practice really hard, because they practice hard, they play hard in games […] I’m feeling good about it,” said Kregel.

Kregel’s sentiments were echoed by Team Captain Austin Collins who said, “I feel really good about this season and this week. I think we’re gonna have a dominating season, it’s not gonna be like the last two years […] we have the potential to blow out Woodward.”

A Yellow Jackets football player makes a pass. Photographer: Lucas Fiscus

The Jackets’ confidence for this season is high as they head into their first game against Woodward this Friday at 7:00 pm at Steinecker Stadium. Go out and support your fellow Jackets!

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