Jackets Baseball Triumphs Over Bowling Green, Looks Ahead to Maumee

Jackets Baseball Triumphs Over Bowling Green, Looks Ahead to Maumee

Lucas Fiscus
eSomethin Staff

Jackets Baseball heads into a game today against Maumee on the high of their previous last victory against Bowling Green.

The Jackets won a close 5-4 game against the BG Bobcats on May 8th. Most of the game was an even stalemate, as the two teams struggled to best the other on offense or defense. BG was able to get one point in the first inning; however, the Jackets held them until Perrysburg joined the scoreboard.

The batting average for the Jackets was a solid .310 and the fielding percentage was strong at 816. Other statistics from the game include 35 plate appearances, 3 ROE (reached a base due to an error), and 2 RBIs.

Tonight the Jackets will clash with the Maumee Panthers. The game should be competitive, no matter the conditions.  When comparing the win percentages of the Jackets and Panthers (according to MaxPreps), the Jackets sit at .565%, while the Panthers sit at .438%.

Things look bright for the Jackets tonight, but they shouldn’t celebrate too soon, as the Maumee Panthers have been known to claw their way to victory.

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