The “Driven to Succeed” Senior Car Giveaway Happens Again This Week

The “Driven to Succeed” Senior Car Giveaway Happens Again This Week

Ashley Rohrs and Lucas Fiscus
eSomethin Staff

The annual senior car giveaway continues this year!

Seniors will have the chance to win a new car on Thursday, May 16th. During the ceremony, seniors will hear motivational speeches from auto professionals from Taylor Hyundai, and then have a chance to win a brand new car, totally free.

The vehicle is supplied by Taylor Hyundai and is usually a new Hyundai Elantra of the class’ graduating year. eSomethin was unable to confirm what car might be given away this year.

High school assistant principal, Mr. Dave Boyce, said that Steve Taylor, the owner of the dealership, reached out to Perrysburg High School about a decade ago and offered the initial deal. Taylor approached several schools with the same offer, but PHS was the first to take him up. The cars are fully paid off, so the winner enjoys a new car without having to worry about payments.

Watch the “Driven to Succeed” 2016 Car Winner

Seniors are entered based on teacher recommendations, Jacket Way cards, and good attendance. However, discipline referrals and detentions result in loss of eligibility.

Seniors throughout the school are excited to have the chance for a brand new car. Senior Dipen Patel said, “I think it’s a great opportunity for us, seniors, to get something right before the end of high school after all the hard work we’ve done.”

However, like other students, Patel wasn’t sure if the odds were really on his side. He added, “The odds are obviously going to be very slim, but it’s still a good opportunity.”

Whether you are hyped up, disinterested, or somewhere in between, May 16th is sure to be one exciting day for a lucky and deserving senior.

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