Spaghetti Warehouse Make for Great Evening Eats

Spaghetti Warehouse Make for Great Evening Eats

Grace Reiter
eSomethin Staff

If you are searching for a fancy, yet affordable date-night restaurant, Spaghetti Warehouse in downtown Toledo is definitely the way to go! Open from 11am-10pm during the week and 11am-11pm on weekends, Spaghetti Warehouse offers tasty Italian dishes for fair prices.

I went to Spaghetti Warehouse with my family last week. Upon entering, my first thought was how unique the atmosphere is. As the name implies, the restaurant sits in an old warehouse. It is filled with many random antiques, that when put together, make a brilliant blend.

In the center of the restaurant, there is a old trolley car with seating inside. On each wall, customers can admire beautiful stained glass windows with booths below made from old bed frames.

Trolley Car in restaurant Photo Credits: Grace Reiter

Despite the attractive environment, our service was somewhat poor. It was clear that the restaurant was not properly staffed and there was tension and disorganization amongst the employees. There was a 15-minute wait when we arrived, despite half of the restaurant having empty tables. Once we were seated, there was a stern debate amongst two waitresses over who’s responsibility it was to serve us.

After these two occurrences, the service was efficient. For drinks, my father ordered a white wine, my mother got a mixed drink, my sister got strawberry smoothie, and I got water. We were all pleased with our drinks and the bread and butter that came out with them.

For our main course, my father ordered the daily special, my mother got baked ziti, my sister got chicken parmigiana, and I got fettuccine alfredo with chicken. Above the atmosphere and service, food is the most important component of a restaurant; Spaghetti Warehouse knocked it out of the park with their traditional Italian dishes. These meals were everything diners would expect them to be–cheesy, creamy, and smooth. Although the presentation of the food could improve, the meals were acceptable and appealing.

Our meals upon delivery Photo Credits: Grace Reiter

I will definitely go back to Spaghetti Warehouse and I would recommend it for others as well. High school students would especially enjoy this restaurant due to it’s fancy, unique atmosphere, yet affordable and tasty food. It is perfect for a date night or homecoming dinner!

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