Perrysburg Rallies Against Bigotry

Perrysburg Rallies Against Bigotry

Chelsea Fisher
eSomethin Editor In Chief

Some time on Saturday night a home for sale in Perrysburg was plastered in racist graffiti. Realtor Jon Modene, Mayor Thomas Mackin, and the Fair Housing Board put together a rally that was held Tuesday afternoon.

The rally held at Lexington Drive drew a large crowd of students, parents, neighbors, and politicians. Several people spoke out including Mayor Mackin, Jon Modene, and Marie Flannery, the president and CEO of Toledo Fair Housing Center. Mayor Mackin blatantly condemned this act saying “Perrysburg rejects bigotry, violence, and hatred.”

Marie Flannery shed a light on how large of a problem this actually is, that this was not necessarily an isolated incident. “Unlike this, most incidents go unnoticed. Acts of discrimination have a detrimental effect on our entire community.”

One of the most heartwarming components of this event was the young students spotted holding signs that they made. Many of them were Jacket Way posters saying “be kind.”

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