Annual Seniors vs. Teachers Basketball Game a Slam Dunk

Annual Seniors vs. Teachers Basketball Game a Slam Dunk

Kennedy Rowley
eSomethin Staff

On Friday, February 1st, there was a winter pep assembly featuring a students versus staff basketball game. For as much as the seniors talked about winning, they suffered a dramatic loss to the teachers. The final score was 26-20, protecting the teachers’ undefeated record of 2-0 since the game’s inception.

Many wonder how this basketball game has started to become a tradition here at PHS. Mr. Ron DeGregorio, social studies teacher and Pride Club advisor, said, “Well we have a fall pep rally and we sort-of have a winter pep rally, but we don’t really have anything for basketball season. When I went to high school it was a big highlight of my year, so we thought it would be good here!”

Mr. Degregorio was right: it is a very well-liked and a highlight of many seniors’ high school careers.

Matt Fritz, one of the senior players, reflected that high school peaks, “senior year and [through] all of the sporting event and of course the student section.”

Teacher Ryan Winkleman dribbles past senior Matt Fritz (Photo Credit: Kennedy Rowley)

Natale Merriman, a sophomore, and band member, was asked what she liked about the pep assembly. She stated, “I have a lot of fun hanging out with my section[…]Well my section is me and 5 guys, so it’s really awkward. But they are really fun to be around — most of them, most of the time.”

DeGregorio said the “making sure that students like to go to school here… and that the teachers are having fun,” gives a good feeling.

“It takes a lot of people to pull this thing off. It’s not just me, by no means. For all of those pieces to come together it’s a great feeling….”

As far as the games result, Degregorio had this to say: “The seniors will talk a lot of smack and they really thought they could pull it off, but I know they couldn’t and they didn’t. So it felt good to watch them lose.”

Overall, the seniors played strong yet the teachers played stronger. But there’s always next year class of 2019 might have lost but 2020 and many classes have the chance to defeat the teachers.

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