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Trapped Toledo: Think You Can Escape?

LucasFiscus/ February 11, 2019/ News

eSomethinLucas Fiscus Senior Chelsea Fisher — who is also student editor of eSomethin — had this to say about her experience at one of Toledo’s most interesting games: “They had great concepts for the rooms and great actors.” Earlier in the month, I also had the privilege of going to Trapped Toledo, an establishment that houses one of the newest and most popular real-life games, escape rooms. The basic goal of an escape room is too, well, escape! You do this by solving a series of puzzles and looking for clues with a group of friends and/or family. I went with my family and some friends on a weekend, we took on a game called Mutated 2. The story is simple: In the distant future, an outbreak of some sort of disease causes mass changes to the population, turning them into mutants whose only goal is to infect more people. Participants are part of a group breaking into the evil “Pharmacorp” to look for the cure, and blow up the building. Players are trapped inside a room with a mutant and a hunter/ guide while trying to solve puzzles, and escape the mutant’s grasp. You have 1 hour, and every once and a while the mutant will break his chains and get closer. You must distract the mutant with

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