Ainsley Sinclair’s Fighting Cause: What It Is and How To Be Involved

Ainsley Sinclair’s Fighting Cause: What It Is and How To Be Involved

Noah Bunting and Anna Koeppl
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What does bravery look like to you? It comes in all shapes and forms, ranging from a soldier on the battlefield or a firefighter running into a burning building. But Perrysburg High School has its own version of bravery in the form of Ainsley Sinclair, who is now starting a fundraiser to help combat Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, something she had previously.

Sinclair was diagnosed with stage-4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in April of 2018. After a long road of battling and recovery, she was finally declared “cancer free” in September of last year. She decided to use her own experience to start a fundraiser with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. According to Ainsley, the LLS is “a nonprofit that researches treatments for cancers to help extend the lifespan of those people. The main focus is blood cancers, but there are other cancers that they research as well.” She chose this fundraiser as she wanted to give back as a survivor of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Ainsley on the day of her being cancer free (Pic credit: Ainsley Sinclair)
Ainsley Sinclair on the day she became cancer free (Photo credit: Ainsley Sinclair)

When asked why students should contribute to her fundraiser, Sinclair explained how everyone has been affected by cancer at one point in their lives. She said, “It’s a traumatic event for them and their families which is why we need to help fight it.”

Anyone who is able and willing to donate will have seven weeks to do so. The final day to donate to her cause is on March 8th.

If Ainsley wins and becomes the LLS Student of the Year, she will get a few great rewards. She’ll get $2,500 in scholarship money and will be able to contact the society as a reference for recommendations needed in the future.

The LLS Student of the Year Logo (pic credit: LLS)
The LLS Student of the Year Logo (Photo credit: LLS)

Not only will you get to help fight cancer, but you’ll be able to help out a fellow Yellow Jacket!

Donations can be made at

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