Stay Safe in the Snow

Stay Safe in the Snow

Shane Fite
eSomethin Staff

Snowier weather means icier roads, which is a big problem for drivers. Most people in high school are driving, which means that they probably drive themselves to and from school and their jobs.

When it comes to driving in warmer weather, you basically use common sense and the driving skills you already have. However, you aren’t always given the information you need to drive in snow.

Chelsea Fisher, editor-in-chief of, reminds you to “make sure that you have adequate tires… before the winter starts.” She also stresses the importance of knowing how to use your four-wheel drive, if you have it.

Another important tip is to hit your brakes a little earlier than you normally would, even earlier if you’re going fast. If you don’t, you could drive straight through a red light or even into the back of someone’s car.

Make sure to watch your speed while driving on icy roads. You want to make sure you drive a little bit slower than you normally would in warmer seasons. The FMCSA says it’s best to reduce your speed by a third on wet roads, and one half on icy or snow-packed roads. 

The most important thing to remember while driving in harsh conditions is to use common sense. When you’re on the road, it’s important to use your brain.

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