Choir Performance at The Huntington Center

Choir Performance at The Huntington Center

Kennedy Rowley
eSomethin Staff

On Saturday, December 1st, the Perrysburg High School Jazz and Selected Choir performed the National Anthem, “Jingle Bell Fantasy,” and “Deck the Halls,” at a Toledo Walleye game. It’s true that the PHS choirs blew audience members away with their spectacular performance.

Mr. Kent Vandock, one of the directors of the choirs, commented that he,”thought the choirs did an amazing job. You know, one of the things that are difficult in a space like this is you can hear all of the extra noise. I believe, they did an excellent job of adapting to that.”

Carson McNulty, a sophomore at Perrysburg High School, said, “I think we performed really well all together. My favorite part was when James sang his high note.”

Hailey Woods, a senior, told us, “Um… that everyone here kind of matched our energy, and they really liked us performing. And like as we are all going around, they are telling us that ‘good job’ which feels nice.”

Luke Knight, sophomore, said, “Basically, everybody here, they all gave into us, they all are like very welcoming of us, and they all are very supportive of us. And you know that just feels very cool.”

According to Mr. Vandock, the Walleye have an outreach program to performing groups from different schools, including a standing relationship with two of the Walleye and two of the Mud Hens where Perrysburg has been performing for the last couple of years. 

Hailey Woods said, “I love that we can all sing together and that we can really just have a good time singing.”

Carson McNulty encourages other students to consider choir: “I 100% suggest joining the choir, because not only do you get a lot of friends but it’s also a lot of fun.  Sometimes you will get a little off task, you will learn a lot about music.”

Luke Knight shared, “I mainly love, more like the friendships that you make there, it is really fun!”

Overall, the choir did a great job showing their strengths in a new place that they never performed in. Together their voice was loud and very harmonized. Go check out the Choirs showcase Christmas Through the Ages on Wednesday, December 12th!

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