Editorial: Is Bowling a sport?  Of course!

Editorial: Is Bowling a sport? Of course!

Drake Harlett
eSomethin Staff:

Drake Harlett

There is an odd question going around school. Is bowling really a sport?

Bowling at Perrysburg High School is consider a sport because you compete competitively against other teams around the league. The league that Perrysburg competes competitively against is Maumee, Napoleon, Springfield, and Anthony Wayne

Bowling is not just picking up a bowling ball and throwing it down the lane to hit pins. it is a lot more complicated than that.

Bowling is a technical and a mental sport. Bowlers must be able to use a 14-16 pound ball and hold the ball in a certain position to be able to throw it down the lane to get the ball to the target. The weight of the ball takes a toll on a person’s arm because throwing at the minimum of 12 times and a max of 23 times in one game add ups to 1,600 pounds collectively thrown — all in under a 15-minute time period.  Typically teams play two games, doubling the total weight a player lifts to 3,200 pounds in about 45-minute time period.

In the SPORT of bowling, one must learn how to the throw the ball down the lane to the pocket to earn strikes. “The pocket” is the desired target where the bowling ball connects between the head pin and the third pin. Also, the lane’s oil pattern affects the reaction of bowling balls. There are different oil patterns that players must adjust to on the lanes, using techniques like the regular house shot (more reaction to the ball), a tournament shot (less reaction to the ball) and professional bowling shot (minimum reaction to the ball on the lane).

There are 39 boards on a lane players must notice. You usually have to throw your ball through the 10th and 20th board on the lane so that you can have the reaction to the pocket greater so your score can be higher. It is also a mental sport because you got be able to make it through the tough frames and be able to play 2-3 regular games and 3-5 “baker games” — games that the team rotates in order by frame.

These are the reasons why bowling is consider a sport and that you should too.

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