PODCAST: Somethin’ or Nothin’— Christmas Edition

PODCAST: Somethin’ or Nothin’— Christmas Edition


Avery Cook, Grace Reiter, Ashley Rohrs
eSomethin Staff

The Christmas spirit is in the air–anything from Christmas commercials to Christmas movies are already debuting this year.  Is it too early?  Somethin’ or Nothin’ castmates–Ashley Rohrs, Grace Reiter, Avery Cook give their input in Episode 5 of Somethin’ or Nothin’.

Podcast Transcript:

*Sleigh Bells*

Ashley: “Hi, guys, this is another episode of Somethin’ or Nothin’ and today we’re going to be talking about when is too soon to be decorating for Christmas. I’m Ashely Rohrs.”

Grace: “I’m Grace Reiter.”

Avery: “And I’m Avery Cook.”

Ashley: “…And in my opinion, I think that you can start decorating for Christmas after Halloween and I think that, like I already started listening to Christmas music. I don’t know I just really like listening to Christmas music.”

Grace: “Me too.”

Ashley: “So I started listening, but after Halloween you can start getting some out, but like Thanksgiving is when you should go all out, if you do go all out and if you celebrate Christmas. And also I’ve seen some stores like, for example, Lily’s in Levis Commons already has like a full display of Christmas stuff.”

Avery: “Yeah it’s a lot of stores that have like the full Christmas display out already and I mean I guess it’s fine to shop for Christmas supplies like now and then set it up a little later. Like I usually do it, like, I think mid-November is when I start putting up Christmas decorations because I mean that just puts you in the spirit, you know?”

Grace: “Yeah, I agree. I personally love Christmas, so I don’t really think it ever comes too soon. What my family does is every single day after Thanksgiving we put up one Christmas decoration each day. So that like…”

Avery: “That’s cute”

Grace: “That times it out perfectly and like it’s not too much at one time.”

Ashely: “I feel like it goes by super fast too, like the whole season.”

Grace: “I agree. It’s not just the actual day itself that’s fun, it’s like the whole season.”

Ashley: “Yeah. In the fall time, there are a lot of activities, but like, I don’t know, Christmas activities seem so much more fun and like, I don’t know, everyone just seems a lot more happier. But the one thing that bugs me is that we have exams. It’s exams and then we’re out. Like I wish it was like exams a week before we got out, because like, I don’t know. Just like having exams before we get out just kind of ruins it.”

Avery: “Actually, I like having exams right before we leave. Especially when like I only have one exam in a day. So then, I just go in, take that exam, and then I get to leave. And then as soon as your done with your last exam on whatever day, you’re on winter break and I think that’s kind of cool. I think it’s fun like that. So you don’t have to sit through the 8:30 to 3:25 school day. You just get to get out like as soon as you’re done.”

Grace: “Yeah, I remember last year as a freshman, the first exam schedule was just amazing. Like that feeling of walking out of school and knowing that you’re done with school, while other people still have to go in and take exams. That’s such a good feeling. Yeah and we were also gonna talk about Christmas Trees: real vs fake. What do you guys think?”

Ashley: “So in my opinion, I think a Christ… – oh I’m sorry – fake Christmas trees are so much better than real ones; I mean, inside your house. Like so, every year I’ve had a fake Christmas tree and then like two years ago we decided to get a real one, and that was awful. Like, there were all those things that are on the tree…”

Grace: “Pine?”


Ashley: “Yeah. Thanks. The pines were all over the floor and then you had to like go underneath the tree and water it everyday. And like my dog just kept running into it. And like just having to take it down and stuff. It was just so much work rather than a Christmas – a fake one – where you just put up one part by part and put it on top of each other and stuff. Like that’s so much easier. And also we have these cool ones where the lights are multicolored. I don’t know. I just reminds… since I’ve always had that, that’s probably why.”

Grace: “Yeah, like a big part of Christmas is just… just memories I guess. And like having traditions that your family follows all the time, and just like doing the stuff that you like to do with your family and your friends. So like it really just depends on like your family and what you’ve always done, but personally I like real trees better than fake trees. I think it’s so fun going to a huge place with a bunch of trees and like cutting one down and putting it in the trunk. And I don’t know, the whole – like even though it’s messy, it’s fun and like I don’t know. You get a lot of laughs out of it and stuff like that.”

Avery: “I’ve never done that. I’ve never gone to like a Christmas tree farm and like picked one out and cut it down. So I don’t really know. I can’t really like say which one I prefer because I’ve never had a real one. I’ve just had fake ones. But I like having fake ones, I don’t know what it’s like having a real one, but I mean I like the fake Christmas trees that I have.”


Grace: “So what do you guys think? Is decorating for Christmas early Something or Nothing?”

Ashley: “Both.”


Grace: “It depends how early.”

Ashley: “Yeah. It just like depends I think like if we were to say a specific time, like after Thanksgiving: Somethin. After like right now: Nothin.”

Grace: “I agree and plus if you do it too soon then it doesn’t make it special enough for Christmas.”

Avery: “Yeah, you get tired of seeing those up for like months.”

Grace : “Yeah. Am I like the only one too that like once all the Christmas decorations go down that like it seems like my house doesn’t have anything in it?”

Ashley: “Yeah. I agree. And like when they stop playing Christmas music… I feel empty inside.”


Grace: “Me too! I still keep listening to it for a little bit.”


Ashley: “yeah, me too! Like I do it until New Years is over.”

Ashley, Avery, Grace: “This has been episode five of Somethin’ or Nothin’.”

Grace: “See you next time.”

*Sleigh Bells*

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