Leading “Ladies” Sure to Produce Laughs in Shows This Weekend

Leading “Ladies” Sure to Produce Laughs in Shows This Weekend

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Set in York, Pennsylvania in 1958, Leading Ladies by Ken Ludwig follows two Shakespearean actors that have had a string of bad luck as of late: Leo Clark (Andrew Hogle) and Jack Gable (Bennett Bernhoft).

Leo and Jack discover that Florence (Emma Brown), a sick elderly woman, wants to leave her fortune to her two nephews, Max and Steve, who moved away to England at a young age. Leo and Jack decide to disguise themselves to fool the woman but a problem quickly arises. They learn the relatives are actually nieces named Maxine and Stephanie.

Nevertheless, Leo and Jack decide to go on with their plan.  

Leo falls for Florence’s actual niece Meg (Grace Davis), while Jack swoons over Florence’s part-time aide Audrey (Katelyn Ozimek), much to the dismay of her boyfriend (James Bellavia).  Further hijinks ensure to wild hilarity.

Video Transcript:


Mr Rob Gentry: “This year’s fall play is a comedy by Ken Ludwig called Leading Ladies.  And it is kind of based on a very famous movie called Some Like it Hot in that we have two guys pretending to be women, and they have to dress up in dresses in order to pull off a scheme to rob a rich, old women of her money.  But of course, things in the end turn out quite differently.”


Grace Davis: “I play Meg and she is engaged to the Reveron, and she’s obsessed with theatre.  And the Reveron does not like theatre, but she tries to, she’s obsessed with these two actors, Leo Clark, and Jack Gable, and they happen to show up.”


Andrew Hogle: “Well I play Leo, who also doubles as Maxine.  So it’s kinda crazy. Leo is kinda always just planning things like drastically kind of, and so it’s sort of crazy.  He goes to very far lengths to impress people. Umm, hence why he dresses up as a girl.”


Rob Gentry: “The show is this Friday and Saturday, November 2nd and 3rd, and 7:30pm.  Tickets can be bought online at www.tinyurl.com/perrysburgtheatre.  Of course this fall play is just general admission so you can always buy your tickets at the door.  There’s an additional show this Sunday at 2:30 and as a benefit for Perrysburg High School students, all high school students can get half price tickets – that’s right, half price tickets – to opening night.  So they’re only $6.00 on Friday Night. You just have to buy your ticket in person either before school in front of guidance or at the box office the night of the show.”


Duncan (played by Elliott Schmittenberg): “Oh, justice is sweet saith the Lord, Hallelujah!”

Stephenie (played by Bennett Bernhoft): “Hello, Big Boy.”

Duncan: “I beg your pardon?”

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