Podcast: Somethin’ or Nothin’ – Episode 2

Podcast: Somethin’ or Nothin’ – Episode 2

Grace Reiter, Ashley Rohrs, Avery Cook, Dani Mercer
eSomethin Staff


Grace: “Hey guys, I’m Grace Reiter, a sophomore, and I’m here with…”

Ashley: “Ashley Rohrs, a sophomore.”

Dani: “Dani Mercer, a junior.”

Avery: “Avery Cook, a junior.”

Grace: “We’re going to be starting a new series on eSomethin.com called “Somethin’ or Nothin’” where we talk about different topics and rate them if they are something — like a big deal —  or nothing, not a big deal. So, today, we are going to be talking about if we could change one thing about the high school what would that be.t”

Ashley: “I would change that the bathroom passes, like where we have to use the slip, would not be a thing because-”

Grace: “I haven’t used one bathroom pass yet.”

Avery: “See that’s like — it differs for everyone — but, honestly, I use a lot in some classes and I don’t use any in other classes. For example, in one of my classes my teacher was like ‘well, if you don’t use any of your passes at the end of the semester you can get extra points in the class,’ which makes me not ever want to use those passes even if I have to go to the bathroom.”

Dani: “Especially if you have a bad grade in that class, too.”

Ashley: “Yeah, and for the people who do sports, they have to drink a lot of water throughout the day and they can’t. And usually in between periods when you go to the bathroom.  There’s this huge line and you’re late to class. It is so annoying! Yeah, that’s what I would change.”

Dani: “One thing I would change would be the traffic in the hallway in between periods.

Grace: “That has to do a larger issue I feel like, which is what we were gonna discuss too is-”

Avery: “Expansion.”

Grace: “Yeah, expansion.”

Avery: “Of the school.”

Grace: “and like how we’re already overcrowded and the school is really new.”

Ashley: “Yeah and if Perrysburg will make two different high schools, like Sylvania, where’s there’s Northview and Southview.”

Grace: “Because the high school is already huge, so to add on to it would be insane.”

Avery:  “Perrysburg is growing a lot every year, I feel like.”

Ashley: “Yeah, tons of families just keep moving in.”

Grace: “There’s so many new neighborhoods like every year.”

Ashley: “Yeah.”

Avery: “It gets extremely crowded.”

Grace: “Sometimes in the hallway, after first period, I move probably like five steps in two minutes. It’s-”

Ashley: “It’s actually crazy.”

Avery: “You think it’s an exaggeration, but it’s not. It is so packed.”

Ashley: “Yeah. did you say first period, Grace?”

Grace: “Mhm.”

Ashley: “Yeah, exactly, that’s how it is for me when I go from downstairs to upstairs and you just like don’t even move.”

Avery: “It takes me like a hot minute to get down the main staircase to go to lunch.”

Grace: “I would change enrichment just because it’s so annoying and some of my classes are already long as they are, but adding on the enrichment to them is just uhh makes them so much worse.”

Ashley: “I agree. I do not like enrichment at all and I hate how it’s every two weeks, because it’s just, I agree with you, makes classes so long. It’s hard enough to get through them with just fifty minutes sometimes.”

Avery: “It’s hard enough to focus as it is.”

Ashley: “Yeah, exactly! In enrichment, some people have ADHD and they can’t focus like that and when you have a whole class for an hour and thirty minutes, that just makes it so much worse.”

Avery: “And even on the teachers, I feel like they kind of run out of materials to talk about and go over during the day because sometimes we’ll get done pretty quickly and we’ll have twenty to thirty minutes just sitting there working on other class work, or the teacher says just do something else because they don’t have any other materials for us to do during the day.”

Grace: “ Yeah, I know personally, one of my teachers has admitted to us that he hates enrichment because they run out of material, which makes sense. I mean it’s nice coming in late but usually the meetings are kind of useless I feel like. I remember last year we had a meeting for class rings and I’m like ‘why did i come in for this?’”

Avery: “Honestly, I’d have to change something within the dress code because it’s just too situational to me. I see girls every single day that maybe should be dress coded and aren’t and then I see those that really didn’t break a rule and they were dress coded. And I think it’s just a problem when not everyone in the student body knows that if you get dress coded once it’s a warning, and if it’s a second time you get dress coded, then it’s a detention and I think this is maybe too, I don’t know, it’s a little too strict. Maybe it should be three times and then it’s a detention like three strikes you’re out. I don’t really know.”

Grace: “I think the dress code itself isn’t a bad dress code, it’s just the way it’s enforced.”

Avery: “Exactly. It’s a good dress code, and obviously as a school we should have boundaries of what we can wear and what we can’t wear, but it gets to a point where I’m in my room stressing about what to wear today or before I go to school because I don’t wanna get dress-coded. And personally, I’ve already gotten dress coded once, and if I get dress coded again, it’s obviously a detention. That means I can’t opt out for the pretty hard exams I’m going to have to take in December and in the spring. So, it’s just extremely frustrating when that’s just another thing we have to worry about within school on top of homework and tests and stuff like that.”

Grace: “I mean sometimes it’s obviously don’t wear-“

Avery: “Oh yeah, sometimes it’s obvious, but sometimes it’s not.”

Grace: “Sometimes some people deserve the dress code.”

Avery: “Yeah definitely, but there are times where you’re like ‘why did I just get dress coded for this.’ It didn’t seem like a big deal, it didn’t seem like I was breaking any rules, it didn’t seem like I was showing too much skin or anything like that, but all it takes is one teacher to say something and you’re dress coded.”

Ashley and Grace: “True.”

Grace: “Okay, so this has been Somethin’ or Nothin’. Stay tuned for the next episode!”

Ashley: “Thank you for listening!”

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