New teacher interview: Ms. Kinzel

New teacher interview: Ms. Kinzel

Kennedy Rowley
eSomethin Staff

This year, our school has been introduced to many new staff faces, one of which is Ms. Kayla Kinzel. She’s a fresh graduate of The University of Toledo and starting out her first year of teaching. The courses she teaches are sophomore biology and junior/senior environmental science.

Kinzel is originally from around forty minutes outside Chicago, in the suburbs.  Like our high school, hers had a large student population, roughly twenty-five hundred.

Kinzel stated, “In all honesty, I think that where I came from in Illinois is very similar to here, which does make it feel much more comfortable, since it’s a lot like the atmosphere and stuff that I’m used to… the only difference I would say is that there [in the Chicago Suburbs] was a lot more people, so more commotion.”

With all similarities, there are differences to be found. When comparing Perrysburg High School to Kinzel’s school back in Illinois, she pointed out, “We also had a lot more low-income areas being pulled [in] as well, just because our district is so huge. So we did have problems arise from that, just because there was a much larger diversity of students and low-income students.”

Regarding Perrysburg, Kinzel says she, “definitely loves the staff and the students. You guys have things going on which is awesome.  I can’t always attend but I try to attend all that I can.  I really just like the attitude of the school, it is very positive, which a lot of schools don’t really have that fun positive atmosphere!”

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