From The Big Apple to Jacket Country

From The Big Apple to Jacket Country

Grace Reiter
eSomethin Staff

Ms. Meredith Byers is a new, sunny face here at Perrysburg High School.  You can recognize her by her fun cherry earrings, and her cheery, optimistic personality.  This is her eighth year teaching English, but first year in Perrysburg.

After being asked how the year is going so far, she immediately responded with, “Amazing.  I love the kids so much, and I can’t wait to come to school everyday, because it’s so fun…I’m lucky.”

Byers got her undergrad from a women’s liberal arts school in Massachusetts called Smith College.  She then moved to New York City and continued her education at Columbia University where she earned her masters.  After graduate school, she stayed in the Big Apple and taught in Brooklyn for six years, and Queens for one.  However, she missed home, so she came back to Ohio and we’re lucky to have her here at Perrysburg.

Her inspiration for wanting to become a teacher formulated from her generally poor high school experience, with the exception of a few teachers that made her want to come to school everyday.  Her goal of teaching is to have that same role in her students’ lives.

“I always felt like school was really boring and really terrible and I hated high school, especially.  I was so miserable. I didn’t have a ton of friends — it was really a terrible time for me.  But I had a few teachers that really made high school amazing and they totally made such a difference in my life and made me want to go to school everyday.  I always thought, maybe if I’m a teacher someday, I can have that role in someone else’s life.”

Byers’ favorite part of teaching is the kids.  She loves getting to know them, laughing with them, and having quality, thoughtful conversations with them.  

“When you’re writing as much as you write in English class, you really get a sense of the students and what they’re all about and who they are as people and I love that.  And I love the conversations that you have in the classroom. I also think that kids are so funny. Everyday I feel like I’m laughing the entire day.”

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