2018 PHS Homecoming Proposals

2018 PHS Homecoming Proposals

Chelsea Fisher
eSomethin Editor In Chief

Sophomores Arison Zeisloft Grace Diaz “Can You Picture Us Together at Hoco”

Sophomore Tay Schneider and Junior Lilly Yoder “The one where Tay and Lilly go to Hoco”

Junior Noah Bunting and Sophomore Ashley Masters “I know this is EXTRA but I ♡ U 2 PIECES And I don’t Want 2 Search the MILKY WAY so be my LIFESAVER @ Hoco”

Sophomore Carson Schlatter and Carly McQueen “Hoco with you is my goal”







Freshmen Jared Alcock and Kenley Koval “Will you be my CHICK to homecoming, if not my heart will FRY”

Sophomore Zack Stine and Junior Sydney Pugsley “I would be one lucky ducky if you would go to homecoming with me”


Rowan Creps and Dylan Paule “Rowan, it would cheer me up if you went to hoco with me!”

Freshmen Micah Thames and Aubrey Green “Please don’t make me go MALONE or I’ll FALL APART… hoco?”

Freshmen Brody May and Berkley Macke

Freshmen Josh Johnson and Merrit Backus

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