The Frogtown Regatta Is This Saturday

The Frogtown Regatta Is This Saturday

Kennedy Rowley
eSomethin Staff

Kennedy Rowley

The Perrysburg High School is going to row, row, row their boats this Saturday in the annual Frogtown Regatta.

The 33rd annual Frogtown Regatta, which is at Toledo Rowing Club Boathouse will host a home regatta this weekend, where Perrysburg will race against other schools in the area as well as some coming from hours away.

Currently, TRC, Toledo Rowing Club, is home to the following rowing teams; Anthony Wayne High School, Central Catholic High School, Notre Dame Academy, Perrysburg High School, St. Francis de Sales High School, Saint John’s Jesuit, St. Ursula Academy, the University of Toledo, and more.

Sophomore varsity rower, Miller Zachel told eSomethin that the Frogtown Regatta is, “the greatest hometown sporting event affiliation with PHS!”

As a PHS freshman and a novice rower myself, I believe this regatta will be a fantastic sporting event to attend, and will really give insight to the sport of rowing.

The first race will start at 8:45 am and the last race will begin around 4:10 pm.

Stop by for a few minutes, or even the whole day, to get a look up close of the sport of rowing, and to cheer on The Perrysburg High Schools rowing team!

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