2018-2019 Staff

2018-2019 Staff

Chelsea Fisher
eSomethin Editor In Chief

eSomethin has a rich history here at Perrysburg High School, and we do not plan on stopping. Here is the 2018-2019 staff list.

Lucas Fiscus, grade 9

Lauren Miller, grade 9

Kennedy Rowley, grade 9

Ainsley Sutter, grade 9

Olivia Fenneken, grade 10

Isabel Palmer, grade 10

Grace Reiter, grade 10

Ashley Rohrs, grade 10 (returning)

Noah Bunting, grade 11

Avery Cook, grade 11 (returning)

Zach Isaacson, grade 11 (returning)

Dayna Fuller, grade 11 (returning)

Dani Mercer, grade 11 (returning)

Riley Pierce, grade 11 (returning)

Macayla Solomon, grade 11

Henry Brown, grade 12

Chelsea Fisher, grade 12 (returning editor)

Drake Harlett, grade 12

Charlie Hebert, grade 12

Anna Koeppl, grade 12

Riccardo Perez Hernandez, grade 12 (returning)

Jacob Prokup, grade 12 (returning)

Emily Swick, grade 12 (returning)

Caitlin Taylor, grade 12 (returning)

Sam Walter, grade 12

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