Dancing Their Way To States: An Update on the Dance Team

Dancing Their Way To States: An Update on the Dance Team

Avery Cook, Dayna Fuller
eSomethin Staff

The Perrysburg High School dance team has been entertaining fans at pep rallies for years now. They are upbeat and have created many commendable routines over the roughly 20 years of the team’s existence.

For her freshman year, Sydney (Shini) Staats enjoyed the team overall. To Staats, the best thing about being a part of dance team is, “Making great bonds with other girls and our coach. Feeling involved with the school. Pep rallies and basketball games.”

Rachel Garmatter, a sophomore, believes the season allowed her teammates to grow: “I feel like this season went really good. We grew as dancers and stronger as a team this year. We are all pumped for states.”

The Perrysburg dance team qualified and competed in States championship on Saturday, March 3rd.

Madeline Lindow, another sophomore, agrees that their season affected them all positively, “[the season] made us able to collaborate our ideas with our teammates.”.

The girls overall placed 18th in Hip Hop and 10th in Jazz during States.

Good job, ladies!


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