Backpacks Banned Starting 4th Quarter

Backpacks Banned Starting 4th Quarter

Chelsea Fisher
eSomethin Editor-In-Chief

On the morning of March 5th, Dr. Micheal Short announced that as of Monday, March 12th backpacks will no longer be allowed inside classrooms, in part, as a safety precaution. Here is what students need to know about the new restrictions:

Students will be allowed to carry a laptop case no bigger than 11x16x3 inches. While that may be big enough to hold a laptop and some folders, it is not big enough to carry all of the stuff that students typically carry. A solution for those who can’t make it to lockers easily may be an accordion binder or another way to be able to carry multiple class supplies more easily.

Dr. Short explains that students will not be allowed to carry lunchboxes throughout the entire day and that it is ideal for pencil pouches to somehow be attached to your laptop case.

Students are not required to purchase laptop cases but the largest thing students are permitted to carry is 11x16x3 inches. Students with a medical requirement such as being on crutches or in wheelchairs are permitted to carry their bags. Busses will also be held for a few extra minutes to give students time to go to their lockers.

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