Why Studying Sociology is Beneficial to Students

Why Studying Sociology is Beneficial to Students

By Jillian Craig and Danielle Mercer
eSomethin Staff

Walking around in prom dresses in the park, and taking notes of students at lunch: these are the types of social experiments that Mr. Josh Spiegel’s sociology students conducted the weekend of Friday, September 1st. Every year, sociology students conduct a social experiment for their first big project. Although the project results have yet to be revealed, the most notable original projects this year include “…  going to dress up in various garments that stuck out,”  and taking notes and mumbling while students eat their lunch.

Students are in luck, though- they don’t have to choose an experiment that is too absurd. “I offer three, you can give a survey, you can stand there and do nothing, or you can be clumsy and drop things a lot,” Spiegel explains.

But what’s the point of these experiments?  Spiegel says that it’s “Just seeing what sort of reactions people have and why they have them”- the basic definition of sociology put into action. Mr. Spiegel believes that studying sociology is important because,“…It deals with real life topics that are important for people to know about. Probably before they get out of high school… people can start to formulate or change or modify their world view.”

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