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by Riley Pierce
eSomethin Staff

I’ve always had a strong interest in history. Recently, I decided I wanted to know more about Perrysburg’s local history, so I sat down with Robert Boyd, a former president of the Perrysburg Historical Society and an author of multiple books about our area’s history to find out the stories behind the places you pass every day.

This video is about the history of the the exchange hotel, found at 140 west front street. The exchange hotel is the oldest building still standing in Perrysburg. It was renovated in 1907, and has now been converted into a dentist’s office. The hotel can no longer be recognized as the building it was before. The building once had two large victorian style porches and was a largely popular hotel in Perrysburg that presidents have even stayed at back when perrysburg was the county seat between 1822 and 1868.

Hopefully this video is able to show you a little more about the history behind our 201 year old town, and what it was like when it was first being built compared to what it is today.

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