Watch it Again: Undercover Boss and “The Jacket Way”

Watch it Again: Undercover Boss and “The Jacket Way”

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By: Izzie Knestrick
Video: Sophie Staats
eSomethin Staff 

The Jacket Way: something that all students of Perrysburg High School know: The Jacket Way rewards students for being respectful and responsible.

In this spin off of Undercover Boss,  assistant principal Dave Dakolios goes “undercover” to observe a simple classroom and its students, and to see if they follow the Jacket Way.

Dakolios goes undercover as a new student named Carl, and he exemplifies all of the actions students should not demonstrate in a classroom, actions that are not following the Jacket Way. One example of misconduct in a classroom environment that Carl portrayed was pulling out his phone while class was in session, and then resisting to put it away when asked to do so, going against the respectable aspect of The Jacket Way.

Another example of wrong behavior in a classroom that was displayed was having headphones on during a lesson. These actions are also considered a distraction to the other students. Later in the video, the teacher enters the room just as class is beginning, and asks his class to put their phones away and to grab their books, and everyone in the class does so, successfully showing the responsibility and also the respect aspect of the Jacket Way that the students possessed.

Carl, at the end of the video, reveals himself to be Mr. Dakolios and explains that he was observing, “undercover,” the students as a class to see if they were following the Jacket Way, and then concludes that the students were prime examples and fantastic followers of it. This video provided students with the idea of what to do and what not to do in a classroom environment, and that by doing the right thing, or when doing the right thing, it surely does not go unnoticed.

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