“Call of Duty” is On It’s Way Out

“Call of Duty” is On It’s Way Out

Zach Isaacson
eSomethin Staff

Call of Duty is starting to bore it’s audience because it’s becoming repetitive. The developers are recycling parts from games that are up to 10 years old.  At this point, they might as well call the game “Copy Old Data.”

This past fall was a tight race in sales between Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward and Battlefield developer DICE. With the announcement trailers of both games being unveiled just 4 days apart from each other, the hype was real between clashing fans of the two games.

The difference in response from the gaming community was almost instant. In just a couple of days, the reveal trailer for Battlefield 1 had already amassed 500,000 views and widespread recognition all over YouTube. On the other hand, the trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was on the decline before it was even noticed as it was trampled over by entranced Battlefield fans. Today, the trailer for Battlefield 1 is now the most recognized trailer in gaming history and the trailer for Infinite Warfare is now the second most disliked video on YouTube. Many disgusted viewers (including me) left their mark on the video with a 570,000 like-per-view to 3.5 million dislike-per-view ratio.

Made evident by the numbers, the trailer for Infinite Warfare was not enough to get people excited for the game. I personally think the music they used in context of the game was very cheesy, with the whole space themed rock music. In comparison, the Battlefield trailer came in like a lion with the very memorable Glitch Mob remix of Seven Nation Army.

The reason people were disliking the video is because they do not like how Call of Duty is taking on a futuristic setting. Meanwhile, Battlefield went back in time, specifically to the early 1900’s, focused on a very real World War I. This is a nice new idea because there are only a handful of World War I games out there. I see it as sort of a flip between the two. Call of Duty started out in World War II and started moving towards Vietnam and the wars that followed. Battlefield started its story based in modern day, just with other war scenarios, such as a conflict with Russia. I say these two flipped because Call of Duty is now based in the future and Battlefield is falling back towards the Great War.

The significance in the trailers, music, and appealing content is the work the developers put forward to make them. It takes a devoted team to make a competent game that people will enjoy playing. This is what DICE is doing with Battlefield. It is creating an environment that was before our time with the mechanics they’ve incorporated into their games over the years.

Call of Duty is only headed the other direction.

Out 0f the many problems this game has, Call of Duty is becoming a recycled game. The developers are so lazy that they re-use cutscenes and character animations. 

A side-by-side comparison of the ending of COD: MW2 and the beginning of COD: Ghosts (source: satantribal on YouTube)

3 different Call of Duty games reusing a reloading animation (credit: SuddenlyOranges on YouTube)


For a game as big as it is, Call of Duty does a really terrible job at bringing new content to the table. The last 14 consecutive games all roughly follow the same plot line and futuristic setting. There’s no variation or plot twists or anything anymore. It’s just become a very trite war scenario.

Strength in numbers is a very true statement when it comes to these two games. In terms of sales, Call of Duty has always been king of the hill. Only because of the disappointment that was Infinite Warfare is Battlefield making strides. Battlefield has always been a game that was right on the line when it came to matching Call of Duty’s retail sales. Now, I think Battlefield will now reign as king over retail games.

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