What Do Adults Read?

What Do Adults Read?

Connor Phlegar
eSomethin’ Staff

Have you ever thought about adults reading in their free time, even after a long day of work?  Of course, they do! Officer Mark Lepkowski and Mrs. Rachel Brownfield are two people that really love to read a lot even if they struggle to find time.


Officer Lepkowski reading “Devil in the White City” Photo: Connor Phlegar

When asked about how often he reads, Lepkowski said that he reads more books during the summer, but he will read things like comics all the time.  Brownfield said that she reads more in the summer, and when she is into a book she tries to read at least 20 min each day.

What genres does Lepkowski like to read?

Lepkowski stated, “I like to read just about anything even from comic books to paperbacks, hardbacks, or just whatever catches eye… I’m into everything though from a lot of horror stuff to science fiction, some true crime and some police stuff.”


Mrs. Rachel Brownfield reading a novel before her English class

He definitely has a very wide variety of books that he likes to read which is wonderful quality to have as an avid book reader. He never seems to struggle to look for something good to read.

Do Lepkowski and Mrs. Brownfield reread books because they are so good?

Lepkowski said, “I kind of move on once I get a book and am done with it. I move on to the next one, but I really don’t go back them.” 

Brownfield had a very similar opinion on reading books.  She explained by saying, “Only when I have long in between reading sessions and I forget what I already read but I haven’t reread any books because I like them so much unless they’re for class then I reread them every year with the kids.”

Both definitely do have a read only once and then move on type of attitude which is a good one to have to really secure a large range of books.

Lepkowski expressed his encouragement for students to read by saying, “Even if it’s a comic book you’re at least reading”.

Brownfield also stated, “I try to model my habits and try to be enthusiastic and show them reasons why they should read for entertainment which hopefully they do outside of class and not just analyzing it”.

Lepkowski and Brownfield really encourage students to read outside of school for entertainment. If you ever want book recommendations or just want to talk about books, don’t be afraid to talk to Officer Lepkowski or Mrs. Brownfield because they will certainly be glad to give you some books that you will enjoy no matter what your age or what genres you like.

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