The Future of the Jacket Way

The Future of the Jacket Way

Connor Phlegar and Omid Azizi
eSomethin Staff

PHS’s second Jacket Way drawing was Veteran’s Day, November 11th, during all lunch periods.  Special prizes were awarded to these randomly selected students who have all shown Jacket Way qualities. These prizes included special parking, DJing at lunch, Winter Ball tickets, Winter One-Acts tickets and Jacket Way snack. Why did a winner choose a certain prize?  How were these prizes chosen and what could future prizes be? Omid Azizi and I interviewed students and Mr. Dakolios to learn more.

Alec Chavalia, junior and Jacket Way winner, explained why he chose to DJ at lunch for a period as his Jacket Way prize.

His response was, “There were no other good ones. I had a bad draw, got third”. 


Eric Eli deciding what prize to choose

Dakolios responds, saying, “We tried to go through and make sure there’s like enough of a variety [of prizes].”


Maya Jones is happy to be a Jacket Way winner

“Ideally we’d like to be able to give out gift cards. We think you guys would like that a lot”.

Who wouldn’t want a gift card to a store or restaurant? These would be great prizes that everyone in the school could use.

Campbell Fisher (junior) agrees about getting gift cards for Jacket Way prizes. He told me “I think it’s a good idea. This will make many students still want to earn one in the next drawing”.

Hannah Kloster (senior) is interested in receiving a gift card, too.  “I think that’d be a good idea because you can use it to get whatever you want… I think it’d be a good incentive”.

Students definitely do want to have gift cards as rewards from the Jacket Way drawing. The future looks hopeful for new prizes for Jacket Way.

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